Vegan Veggie Pizza with Ricotta Cheese

Pizza night used to be an essential when I was younger, every Friday we ordered in pizza. Now that I am older and much more health conscious pizza night has died down to once a month and since going vegan it has gone down even more. When I was a new vegan I tried all of the vegan products, cheese and fake meats included. However as I’m sure you have also noticed, none of it is quite right. It wasn’t until roughly six months after I went vegan that it occurred to me that I could make my own cheese, and through lots of experimentation I’ve discovered a whole world of completely healthy and protein packed cheeses taste pretty damn similar to the real thing- only way healthier, cheaper and extremely quick. This Ricotta cheese that I made for this pizza is by far the best vegan cheeses I have ever made. Continue reading to find out how I made it.

The main ingredient for the ricotta cheese is tofu, I used extra firm because that is what I always have in my fridge but I also think it really helps with creating that crumbly texture that ricotta cheese has. This is one of the first cheeses I have made that hasn’t required any nuts and I really like that about this recipe. It keeps the cost pretty low, and it’s an ingredient that is usually already in the fridge.

For the pizza dough I used a store bought one out of convenience but feel free to go all out and make your own dough. I also used store bought pizza sauce which is again something you can make yourself fairly easily. My other toppings were basil, mushrooms and olives, and I also did a coat of ‘cheddar cheese’ by daiya. I also like the shredded cheddar that earth balance does, but let me know what your favorite fake cheese brands are in the comments. Then I topped it all off with dollops of the ricotta cheese. Let me tell you this was one of the best pizza nights I have had in a long time. I was inspired to make the ricotta cheese after having a slice of pizza from a vegan pizza store last month, after tasting how similar theirs was to ricotta cheese I was determined to recreate it.


Ricotta cheese

ricoota cheese

PizzaPizza recipe

The ricotta cheese made this pizza night the best one I’ve had in a long time, and for such a simple recipe I was very impressed with how realistic it tasted, not to mention it’s relatively healthy, and low in cost.  Share any of your recreations whether you use this cheese recipe on a pizza or for something else.


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