Romaine Wraps

I’ve been working on eating my greens lately, as the cold weather has come, my desire for salad  has been slipping away. Sometimes getting a little creative and adding a little fun to meals is all you need to live a healthy lifestyle. So today instead of reaching for a regular salad, I made one of my new favorite lazy dishes – Romaine Wraps.

These are very simple, and can be made with pretty much any ingredients that you want. Today I went for avocado, cucumber, celery, tomato and alfalfa sprouts. The filling can be anything you want- some grilled tofu would have also been amazing with this combo but I wanted to keep mine raw.

Its all about that dressing though right? I wanted something creamy and delicious to go with my vegetables so I chose to make a creamy tahini dressing.

Here’s what you need:

2 table spoons of tahini

2 teaspoons of soy sauce ( Coconut amino’s if you want less sodium)

1 teaspoon of onion powder

water- add until its the consistency that you prefer

You can also add about a teaspoon of lemon juice if you wanted however I decided to keep mine simple today. Once you have your dressing made and your veggies all cut up, simply carefully break off the romaine hearts without ripping them, rinse and dry them, then just assemble your wraps by filling the romaine pieces with all your toppings and drizzling some creamy tahini dressing on top. I often Like to have one raw meal per day, this is usually where I get my greens in, and it’s also an easy way to prepare something really healthy that takes no time at all and barely any dishes- you didn’t cook anything!


Let me know if you enjoyed this super simple healthy creation, and share with me your own creations.

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